Fleet Management

Our services also include fleet management.

A professional knowledge of vehicles, their financing, insurance, legal and tax aspects and other areas is a must for this industry. We tailor these solutions to all customers with a focus on maximizing convenience and comfort for you and vehicle users, so that you can fully focus on your core business.

As part of our fleet management service, we offer:

  • assistance with the selection of the right vehicle and its supplier,
  • the handling of formalities associated with the registration of the vehicle (allocation of number plates, deregistration, re-registration, etc.),
  • the monitoring of service inspections and administrative activities such as declarations and the payment of road tax, radio vignette fee, etc.,
  • phone service – one phone number for all contacts,
  • arranging the installation of GPS vehicle theft security, alarms, audio and TV equipment in the vehicle, the installation of the gear shift lock...,
  • pick-up service (removal and delivery of the vehicle to the agreed place in case of regular maintenance, service, roadworthiness and emissions inspections, etc.),
  • arranging all maintenance and repairs of the vehicle, replacement and storage of tires, checking of service operations, arranging roadworthiness and emissions inspections, etc.,
  • providing comprehensive insurance, handling and settling insurance claims (compulsory liability, accident insurance),
  • the complete cleaning of the vehicle in case of servicing it or as requested by the client,
  • ensuring the continuing mobility of the client by providing a spare vehicle if necessary,
  • driver training,
  • providing ongoing information to the client,
  • checking invoices from suppliers,
  • fuel cards,
  • arranging the sale of the vehicle,
  • other services as agreed.

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