A brief look at the history of PROMET LOGISTICS

Promet Logistics was founded in 2007 as a new company whose goal was to cover the growing need for the transport of raw material. In that year, the then-not-yet-a-group Promet Group was represented only by Promet Czech and Promet Slovakia, whose core business was the supply of raw materials to foundries and steelworks, as well as to its own Promet Foundry. It was for these companies that Promet Logistics provided transport. That is also why 12 MAN tractors and tipping semi-trailers for the transport of bulk material, primarily pig iron, scrap and ferroalloys, were purchased.

In the first 10 years of its existence, Promet Logistics focused primarily on the transport of bulk material. Other transports using various types of semi-trailers were carried out by the company through a forwarding agent. However, 2016 saw a change in the vehicle fleet. In June of that year, we picked up 16 new DAF tractors, to which the company added folding and tarpaulin semi-trailers, as well as a semi-trailer with a sliding floor. Three years later, we exchanged some of these tractors for 12 new ones from Mercedes, which then won a tender and so the older MAN tractors were sold off.

Today, Promet Logistics transports various materials and products for the entire Promet Group, as well as for external clients. In terms of ground transport, our dispatching department handles the transport of bulk metallurgical materials, such as pig iron, scrap or coke; the transport of food, such as potatoes from Belgium, for which the company also has a GMP+ certificate; and the transport of finished products on tarpaulin trailers, for example frames for John Deere combine harvesters, which are manufactured by its affiliate Tawesco in Kopřivnice.

In addition to rail transport, the company also provides air and sea transport, where we have really increased our activities in the past year. As part of our maritime transport, we fill container orders, special orders and orders with oversized parameters. The daily bread for Promet Logistics is so-called combined transport, which consists of several types of goods transport. We are thus able to offer our customers a comprehensive solution, including insurance for customs procedures and all necessary requirements, for orders from point A to point B with an optimal solution.

Our primary goal in the coming years is to keep filling orders and, with our “wolfpack”, find the optimal transport solution to the customer’s satisfaction, from an economic, business and on-time point of view.

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